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Our Selection

We want to export Italian Food, Beer and Wine products, we’ve selected only the high quality products directly from the producer or the farm.

Flea craft beer

Artisanally brewed, using our own barley.
Only with water from the water springs of Gualdo Tadino (Perugia, Italy). Matteo and his wife Maria Cristina decided to produce their beer following these two rules. They were born in Umbria, very close to the well-known water springs of Gualdo Tadino, in a land capable of producing the best barley since the Middle Ages. High quality water and barley gave them the opportunity to turn their passion into a work. Beer was in their fate, and they decided to start a brewery.

Cantina di Puianello

These wines are made from only the grapes given by the members can be employed in the wine transformation, in an uncommon example of valorization of the area that goes from Scandiano up to Canossa (foot of the hills Emilian Apennines).
Nature is at the very heart of Cantina Puianello, furthermore new technology help us to ensure the quality and style of our wines.

high natural cosmetics

Dermorevita is a new generation Umbrian beauty company born in 2015 with the desire to create completely natural and certified organic cosmetics with high quality performance. The entire line has been formulated through the use of active ingredients of natural origin, coming from our farm.

Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo Vacche Rosse (Red Cow) Parmigiano Reggiano

Caseificio Sociale Castellazzo is one of the first cheese transformation structures in the province of Reggio Emilia.
Parmigiano Reggiano is a PDO hard cheese, made with raw milk (partially skimmed through surfacing), without additives or preservatives. The milk of Red Cows of Reggiana’s breed has some qualitative characteristics that differ from the traditional Parmigiano-Reggiano. The Red Cow produces a third less of milk than the Holstein breed, but it has a higher performance in the chesse-making process.

Pastificio Riscossa

Since 1902 Riscossa selects the best durum wheat of Puglia and Basilicata to bring the great tradition of Italian pasta to you.
The pantry of Riscossa contains all the best of traditional cuisine: from durum wheat pasta to peeled tomatoes, from specialty egg pasta up to extra virgin olive oil, biscuits and ready-made sauces. The wholesome ingredients at the base of all our offerings promote healthy eating, balanced and rich in flavor.

Corte Lenguin

Corte Lenguin is the winery of Vantini’s family that produces quality wines in the heart of Valpolicella Classic since 9th century.
It is the Vantini Family utmost desire to produce wine of the highest level, in the optimum environment to achieve a result that is true to the typical geographical and cultural make up of this hallowed zone. Amarone, Valpolicella, Ripasso and Recioto are the most popular wines produced by Corte Lenguin.

A New Scenario

Why is it so important today to have the support of ITA FINEST?

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our worlds.
And not just in the short term.

Nobody know when International travel will recover, in particular from Far East and Pacific countries.

Probably your current suppliers are trusted but the food and drink market changes quickly, not even being able to participate in fairs or visit new ones, how can you always stay up to date?

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Our Passion

ITA FINEST is based in Emilia, the heart of the Italian food valley. It’s a reality that was born 7 years ago from more than 30 years of experience in international trading.


The ITA FINEST italian food, wine and beers mission is choosing the best producers regarding the value for money.


In the same time our experience bring us to offer a very good service to our customers. We trade with a variety of producer from Italy, a lot of these have begun as a family business that is increased up to outside Italy.


We deeply know our supplier, infact we like to know the people before the business because they are always connected and related. Our offer is wide and designed to satisfy the most demanding customers.

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Via Radici in Piano, 40
41049 Sassuolo (MO) – Italy

Phone +39 0536 80 44 48
Fax +39 0536 80 59 70

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